Achieve complete transparency with output costs, minimise your printing costs by recording the information and analysing the data gathered in a targeted way.

Lower your

printing costs

Analyze and document

your costs

  • Lower your printing costs using template-based solutions.
  • Reduce your process, service and material expenses by adopting a standard device approach.
  • Trim your stocks of printed forms using template-based printing management.
  • Identify printing costs for projects, individual devices or locations.
  • Use information about your printing expenses for drawing up cost-effective proposals.
  • Optimise service, maintenance and materials costs by carrying out a real cost analysis.

Digital Managed Print Services will carry out a free print audit to identify where savings can be made.

Helping you optimise your document output fleet

DMPS combination of industry expertise and technical knowledge means we can provide you with an approach that truly delivers cost and efficiency improvements.

Our print audit includes:


We undertake a physical audit of your fleet to determine the number of devices in use and their respective volumes and running costs. Our consultants will also collect information from key users on the types of documents they are producing and any specific requirements they may have.

Reporting our Findings

Our Audit Report will provide full details on your entire fleet and give you an accurate Total Cost of Ownership figure.

Our Recommendations

Based on our findings we will advise on the most effective positioning and deployment of new and retained devices. This would mean phasing out expensive and inefficient desktop machines, reducing the number of consumables in use, placing devices at strategic points and recommending the use of rules and routing to control and monitor output.

Our recommendations will be supported with before and after floor plans so you can easily see each department’s device layout and will provide a solid business case for determining a new Document Output Strategy.